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Geographic Time Management Resources Company strives to help others recognize and leverage locational information for improved management of communities and properties.

GTMR has a philosophy of doing thorough work in an organized professional manner. We are aware of our customer’s needs and will provide value to your project. We pride ourselves on delivery of a quality product. We can help you understand our product and how it can benefit your property. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of your project with Geographic Time Management Resources Company. We are here to help.

GIS Base Layers: Land Surveyors can bring important knowledge, skills, and experience to the process of accurately creating and maintaining critical base layers common to many geographic information systems (GIS)

As the use of GIS matures, the need for defined and improved accuracy increases. This need provides the drive for geospatial and land surveying professionals to work in cooperation to create products that will improve services provided to the public

The benefits of involving Land Surveyors in geospatial projects are not limited to the creation and maintenance of base layers. Land Surveyors and geospatial professionals possess skills that can benefit other aspects of accurate and consistent GIS data and maintenance. These skills include the following:

  • Expertise in measurement needed for the creation of accurate geospatial data.
  • Experience in proper survey control and field data collection.
  • QA/QC of geospatial data quality from field collection to production of the final deliverable.
  • Knowledge of coordinate reference systems and datums.
  • Map production.
  • Blueprint and plan reading and interpretation.
  • The acquisition and assembly of geospatial data from various sources.
  • Experience with CAD software.
  • Knowledge of Rights-of-Way and Easements.
  • Determination of property boundaries.

Geographic Time Management Resource Company (GTMR) Data Collection Plans and Services:

We provide professional products and services at a competitive price point.  Each project is unique due to terrain, and environmental factors such as Trees, height of buildings, and number of features.  We can help you attach this key data to existing database entries for added value.  We can help you determine the desired outcome for your project.  GTMR is available to help you achieve you’re goal of excellent management.